When Do We Want it? NOW


Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks in support of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act ballot measure, Proposition 64, in San Francisco last May. (Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)

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As the ballot for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use coming right around the corner, many people speculate many ideas what the drug might bring to California communities. Dennis Romero, an author for the Los Angeles Time, wrote an article published on August 24 of 2016 called, “Why this time will be different for marijuana legalization,” discussing why marijuana is set to be a beneficial factor to our society and economy. Though, a substantial amount of people comment agreeing with Romero in how marijuana contributes to corrupt law enforcement, causes no health harm, and creates innovative projects.

Because of its reputation, marijuana continues to be a problem on California’s streets where people are arrested and put in jail for many years for such a minor offense. Some_dude_2014 believe that because marijuana is illegal, cops exploit the system to arrest non-violent individuals to meet their quota suggesting that there is a “hole” in our government’s system that allows the cops to abuse it. Not only can these be easy arrests for the police, it’s placing many innocent people in jail for minor offenses consequently adding more taxes for ordinary people to help pay for it. Jontomas also adds, “[Police and prosecutors] get millions more from the federal bribe of “drug war” grants. Add to that, easy overtime, easy arrests, easy convictions and easy promotions,” exploiting the so-called “good” cop whose job is to serve and protect.

Due to typical stereotypes, several people argue that marijuana causes health harm and may affect someone’s brain drastically; however, it may be the opposite. Andy.goering1990 replies to comment on how another replier thinks marijuana pollutes people’s air and as well damages their brain arguing that marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes and has proven to treat many cancers. Andy.goering1990 also mentions, “We’re exposed to cancer due to tobacco smoke all the time [for instance] when someone is taking a smoke break outside of where we work or in the parking lot,” contradicting the fact that the air we breath is and was already polluted. Jontomas also adds, “Since we now know marijuana is less “addictive” than coffee, is not a significant cause of auto accidents, does not fuel violence like alcohol, and is far less harmful than alcohol, this is no surprise,” suggesting that marijuana is far more accepting of a substance than alcohol because it doesn’t provoke violence.

Just like alcohol, marijuana supporters say that marijuana should be legalized, regulated, and taxed to better California’s cities. Angelabirch comments that marijuana is a tax advantage mentioning, “Tax from marijuana is boosting the economy here. Our county used it to pave roads [and] a lot goes to education and it means lower taxes for the rest of us,” explaining the positive effects that many cities can obtain from high demanding marijuana smokers and their money. Angelabirch, although admitting she’s a Northern Seattle resident, the money her state makes goes to public education, another innovative factor in better furthering communities.

Majority of the people who commented seemed to be more accepting of where marijuana stands today. And to those who oppose seem to dislike and blame marijuana for its terrible past. However, it’s no doubt that marijuana looks to succeed in the Californian polls by November.



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